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Resident Acceptance Policy  Oak Tree Manor is a seniors’ independent supportive living and provincially-registered assisted living residence. 

In addition to accomodation, supportive living includes hospitality services such as daily meals, weekly linen and housekeeping service, Lifeline® emergency response and a light activity program. 

Assisted living includes a maximum of two prescribed personal assistance services such as medication reminders, help with showering, dressing or mobility to and from the dining room.  These services can be provided by either Island Health personnel or Oak Tree Manor registered health care attendants.  

All single residents must be Canadian citizens and a minimum of 65 years old. 

Supportive living residents must be functionally independent and able to manage most daily tasks. Functional independence is defined as physically, mentally and emotionally able to look after one’s own personal needs and be able to interact socially with other residents.

  • Functional independence includes:
    • Managing personal medications
    • Maintaining appropriate personal hygiene
    • Maintaining an appropriate diet
    • Getting to meals without assistance
    • Ability to maintain their suite in a safe, clean and tidy condition
    • Ability to live amicably with fellow residents
    • Willingness to follow tenancy agreement and guidelines

Assisted living is intended for people who are able to direct their own care but who may require assistance with certain tasks.  Eligible residents would be assessed by a case manager and a service plan prepared in consultation with the resident and health care professionals. 

If a resident is unable to choose and direct their own care or if the resident's needs exceed what Oak Tree Manor is able to provide, then the law requires that the resident must move into more suitable accommodation such as complex care.


Further information on assisted living can be obtained at:

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